1.  Provide the gender, race, age at time of disappearance and the date the person was last reliably known to be alive.  Click the Begin Search button.

2.  Cases matching the criteria that you have entered will appear.  Click on the first record and read all of the information provided.  Each case record will contain additional information about a decedent and may also include a picture of a particular item of clothing, jewelry or tattoos, etc.

3.  If a particular case record closely matches the person you are searching for, record the Medical Examiner District Number and the Medical Examiner Case Number, then contact the District Medical Examiner office and refer to their case number for further information.

Gender of the person you're looking for.
Race of the person you are searching for. Because determination of race is a measure of several factors and the Medical Examiner or Anthropologist may have been unable to determine the exact race of the decedent, we made the categories very broad. You may narrow the search by choosing White or Black. Hispanic, Mixed, Asian, Native Americans, and cases where race is Unknown are included in all searches.
Age of the person at the time of their disappearance. The age of a decedent is often an estimate and is not exact. The search will automatically include the age brackets immediately above and below the age bracket you select.
Date the person was last reliably known to be alive. This field will exclude cases where the Date of Death or Discovery is before the date you enter. Please enter the date in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD.


Direct comments, questions and feedback to:
District 20 Medical Examiners Office
239-434-5020, extension 1 or