How to Use this Website

This website is a central clearinghouse for family, friends or police searching for a missing person. The database contains information about people who have been found dead in Florida and whose identities remain unknown. All information provided is in non-medical terms. Our intention is to engage the interested party in searching this database in the hope that they may recognize a picture, a characteristic or a detail about a decedent. If so, they may then contact the Medical Examiner's office or law enforcement agency which has jurisdiction over the case.

Please read the following information carefully. Understanding how we categorize the data will help you use the site effectively. Medical Examiner personnel submitting case information MUST use the section labeled Medical Examiners Case Management found on the home page.

When you query the database, you will be asked to provide the gender, race, age at time of disappearance and the date the person was last reliably known to be alive. The database will then bring up a list of cases that match the criteria that you have entered. Each case record will contain additional information about a decedent and may also include a picture of a particular item of clothing, jewelry or tattoos, etc. The following is a description of the fields that appear for each record. Once you have carefully read the information below, you may go to Query the Database, fill out the fields and begin your search.

FLUIDDB Case ID This is a unique number assigned to each case submitted to FLUIDDB. The FLUIDDB Case ID is only used for referencing records stored in our database.
District Number This field specifies which of the 24 Florida Medical Examiner Districts has jurisdiction over this case.
Medical Examiner
Case Number
This field lists the Medical Examiner District case number.
Date of Death
or Discovery
This is the date the decedent either died or was discovered. Medical Examiners assign the date a body is found as the date of death, which does not necessarily mean the person died on that particular day.
Estimated Age The age of a decedent is often an estimate and is not exact. Our data search automatically includes the age brackets immediately above and below the age bracket you select.
Presumed Race If searching for a person you consider White, also consider searching under Hispanic and Mixed. The same applies for other races such as Black, Asian and Native American because determination of race is a measure of several factors and the Medical Examiner or Anthropologist may be unable to determine the exact race of the decedent.
Gender Male or Female.
Estimated Height This information may help you narrow your search.
Estimated Weight This information may help you narrow your search.
Location Found This is the address or general location where the decedent was discovered.
Hair Describes color, length, texture, etc., if available.
Eyes Describes color and other distinguishing features, if available.
Facial Features Describes mustache, beard, goatee and other distinguishing facial characteristics, if applicable.
Tattoos Provides detailed information about each tattoo and location on body, if applicable.
Scars, Surgeries and Other
Dental and Medical Information
Provides information about scars, surgeries, dental work and other medical conditions, medications, pregnancies, etc.
Jewelry Provides information about jewelry and watches, piercings and medical alert jewelry, if found.
Clothing and Shoes Provides detailed information about clothing, including shoes, belt, bra, underwear, hat, etc. and describes color, size and brand of each article.
Personal Effects Provides information about prescription glasses, sunglasses, wallets, purses, keys, canes, cell phones, beepers, hair barrettes, briefcases, etc.
Other Details Includes detailed personal information about life style, smoking, drinking, drug use, profession or work, hobbies, activities they engaged in, types of places frequented, vehicle description, criminal activity, if known to hitchhike, etc.
Contact Lists contact information at the Medical Examiner's office handling the case.



Direct comments, questions and feedback to:
District 20 Medical Examiners Office
239-434-5020, extension 1 or